Basement Shadowrun

What can't be fixed with a little jet fuel and kinetic energy?

December 3rd, 2071:

The team had gone to ground for several weeks following the incident with Aztechnology’s secret lab and their evident efforts to strike at the team. Builder has not been seen since. His bike is still parked at the lot behind the Penny. Rourke got word to the team that Hands apparently was hit a few hours after they sold him the cryo-bus. the strike team was specifically after the bus and any cargo it may have contained. Hands is evidently quite displeased with the Lot and Clive.

While going through inventory at Queenie Beth’s, Lot was approached by a short, emaciated figure that seemed a bit out of sorts. The creature gave Lot a card, seemingly from a strange Tarot deck, and asked him and his friends to meet with his master at midnight for an apology and an offer of employment.

The team agreed to the proposal and drove to the address in the Barrens. There they found an old apartment tower rising fifteen stories from the center of a lot ringed by strip malls. The lot was inhabited by more of these stunted wiry creatures (which Lot identified as Goblins – a type of infected dwarf)The full moon and the mist rising from the ground gave the entire place a strange, otherworldly feel. Lughaidh s tower

The were led inside by another goblin dressed in a waistcoat and fob chain, quite a bit apart from the rest they had seen. He took them up the only working elevator (apparently powered by a gas generator) to the 14th floor. They could see stars above them though no technology was apparent to create such an effect.

They were brought in to meet with Mr. Johnson, who introduced himself as Lughaidh. He apologized to Lot for the incident at the school and having been much harassed by the team, finally was able to offer them the work that he had brought them for. Lughaidh clearly came to dislike each of them, except for Lord Z3R0 who inexplicably kept his mouth shut the whole time.

Lughaidh asked them to eradicate a quasi-military gang in the barrens and agreed to pay them each 35,000 nuyen just to shut them up. The gang was called Hakeswill’s Marauders and let by a particularly odious fellow who called himself Colonel Hakeswill. Lughaidh asked that they be eradicated within seven days and that his mark, another strange Tarot Card, be placed on the forehead of each of the victims. The group left to plan the job.

They had been kicking around a few ideas and collecting imagery on the place when Clive piped up “why don’t we just crash an airplane into the place?” the table was quiet for a moment, then as discussion of more routine plans began again Lord Z3R0 said with a look of wonder “wait. Seriously. Can we do that?” and a new type of mayhem was born.

They began contemplating this attack in earnest and decided that it would be necessary to spoof any spiders or IC that might try to back track Z3R0 during the hijack. They contacted Rourke to see about getting a new agent to use as well as a better spoof program. Rourke assured them that he could get both at level 6 for a 10% mark up within five days. The team ultimately settled on a plan that involved stealing a fueled airliner from Federated-Boeing that was about to be flown to its buyer. Preferably the plane would be entirely empty, or at least minimally manned. Z3R0 began probing the Boeing matrix for holes in the firewall.

December 8, 2071:
After Rourke delivered on the Agent, the plan was set in motion. Lord Z3R0 hacked the military grade Node onto the plane itself. Apparently FB used the internal pilot program to taxi the aircraft around the tarmac. He cut inside the node, with none the wiser, then set about hacking he pilot program to disable the internal fail-safes controlling navigation. That finally did trigger an alert and several IC programs were launched to castigate the intruder. One began a trace and the new Agent immediately began spoofing.

Another launched a Black Hammer attack against Z3R0 but the hacker was ready for it and deflected it handily. Meanwhile, Z3R0 was uploading the plane’s new flight plan – directly into the old Redmond mansion that Hakeswill’s goons had taken as a residence. The Aircraft began to taxi and the IC began another attack. But before it could be completed, Z3R0 turned off the wireless link to the aircraft. he suffered some dumpshock, but the IC programs were not capable of re-programming the Pilot program and they simply rode as passengers, having driven the intruder from the node.

Pieced together from various reports and the surveillance that the team had on FB and the target, this is what happened: Security vehicles raced away from he main buildings to try to catch the plane. They were unsuccessful. Several small drones were dispatched to chase the jet liner but they were unarmed surveillance units. A pair of helicopters were also dispatched by they were only armed with light machine guns and targeted the fuselage – or perhaps their corporate masters were disinclined to shoot down so many million of nuyen worth of airplane. In any event, the liner lifted into the air on its way to its final destination spraying jet fuel behind it from the uncapped tank and the hose torn from the fueling truck.

At McChord Air Force Base, alert 5 fighters were scrambled, as well as from the USS Colin Powell but the jet liner was already over halfway to its target before they launched. Other Corporate military assets were scrambled as well throughout the Metroplex but they were defensive measures.

In Redmond, the team could see that Hakeswill had just come out onto the porch to bum a smoke off his minions stationed out there. As he took a drag he looked up into the night sky, then stooped forward, squinting his eyes. the cigarette fell from his lips as he flung men away from him scrambling towards the railing. He leapt over the rail, falling as if in slow motion as the moon highlighted the jetliner screaming towards the house.

He seemed suspended in mid-air as the nose of the plane punched through the front door at over 500 miles per hour. moments later the building disappeared in a flash of light and for a moment Hakeswill was seen rocketing through the air out over the broad lawn. Lot sent an air spirit to carry Lughaidh’s card around to all the bodies that could be identified, discharging tehir final covenant.

The News-faxes and shadow-feeds were all abuzz with speculation as to the incident and public outcry was strident, though at least it only crashed in the Barrens.

Airplane crashing

“This unprecedented1 terrorist act has caused aviation authorities throughout North America to rethink their security procedures. Federated Boeing is now revamping its security policies to ensure that wireless capabilities are disabled unless pilots are also on board the aircraft. There has been speculation as to why such an audacious attack would have been directed at such an unimportant target as a abandoned mansion in the Redmond Barrens. Still no terrorist organization has come forward to claim responsibility for the attacks.”

Other News Stories of Interest:
Terrorist Aircraft Attack (December 8, 2071)
Governor Brackhaven initiates new KE Task-force (December 11, 2071)

1 (The September 11 attacks never happened in the SR universe)

Jet Crash Run AAR


I had two tasks for the air spirit. The second was, when it finished placing the card on the heads, it was to place the card itself in a prominent place.


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