Basement Shadowrun

Running from the Knights

January 10, 2072

Can’t I just strip Gyoza naked and wear his chameleon suit?
Gyoza’s a dwarf

So the team spent about a week in the safe house at Johnny Wu’s.
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Perses texted a laundry list of stuff to Rourke that he wanted the fixer to procure for him if possible. He got a message back telling them to go meet ‘scruffy’ for victuals at the Redmond center at 7 PM. When he got there he found Cotter acting foolishly drunk and making a big show of picking himself up off the ground by grabbing onto a bench – particularly underside of the bench.
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However it also became apparent that law enforcement officers were watching the same events. Two men in black suits and ties, presumably Feds, moved to pick up the dead drop. Perses was oblivious but Lot saw them coming and quickly cast a physical barrier at their feet, tripping them up. Perses made it to the spot but found nothing there. The feds on the other hand noticed Perses and decided to hold back for a minute to observe him. At the same time Lot discovered a fly-spy drone had landed on his shoulder and seemed to be modified for a special wired I/O jack on its back. He swept it up into a coffee cup and turned it off.

The feds quickly realized that Perses was on to them so they signaled the rest of their goons to take him. Lot and perses began their escape and evasion routine. Lot was about 20 m closer to the exit and got out quickly. Perses ducked behind the moving crowds and evaded the feds for a moment until one of the officers on the balcony above spotted him. Lot had made it out to the parking garage where he saw a KE space MPUV pull up to cover the the entrance with assault rifles and a light machine gun. He communicated this to Perses who took a quick right down the hallway towards the movie-plex. Feds and KE troops were now in hot pursuit. Perses dashed over to a fire alarm and pulled it creating panic amongst the movie patrons. Back in the parking garage, Lot could see that the MPUV crew was getting ready to move over to cover the movie theater entrance about 40 m away.

The air suddenly began to shimmer and crackle around Lot, so intense it began to emit a subsonic hum. It suddenly disappeared as three smaller mirroring disturbances burst around the heads of the MPUV crew, dropping them to the ground. Lot dashed over to the bike and got it started while Perses rushed out of the movie-plex with the panicked crowd. They raced towards the garage entrance finding a small fleet of Drones waiting for them. Perses leaned over for a hard right and the drones moved to follow. Two of the drones quickly outpaced the others then turned and in the air, firing grenade-like canisters towards the rest the pack. They detonated, releasing the ball of energy and dropping the drones to the ground.

Lot and Perses decided to go track down Rourke give him a piece of their mind for setting up. they could hear sirens in the distance and on one occasion, down a side street, they saw two MPUVs blocked by a garbage truck that had apparently stalled out across the street. Minutes later they turned on the street heading down to the Bad Penny. Now they could see many more sirens from a series of law enforcement vehicles clustered around the bar. Lot and Perses decided to reevaluate their plan.

They went to ground for a short while and then decided they needed to contact someone else to find out what was going on. Lot put in a call to McAllister who declined to speak to the phone. Instead he set up a meeting at a bar in the ork underground. Lot and Perses travel in Lot’s car and successfully evaded any police patrols.

McAllister told them what he learned from his contact with the DA’s office. Essentially Lot and his friends were the only lead that the special task force had been able to turn up – in the month of its existence – about the hijacked suborbital. Because of the severe pressure to get things done they pulled out all the stops going after the people who were wiping out the Chiller Thrillers, their only lead. Whether it was rival gang warfare or the terrorists themselves decided to wipe out their ‘front’ the special task force didn’t know, but they certainly intended to ask.

McAllister also informed them that they had rather bad, grainy images of their faces from the night in a shootout with the Chiller Thrillers. In addition they had the names of Lot and Gyoza and the fact that they frequented a place called the Bad Penny. As a result when Perses contacted Rourke, Rourke presumably knew that KE was listening to all telecommunications going in and out of his building no matter that they had ‘clean’ phone. So he set up a meet knowing it would be tracked. Cotter was a diversion and the fly-spyis the actual message putting together a contact site for the team to reach him on ShadowSEA.

McAllister hooked Perses up with some APDS ammunition for his guns. (20 for the pistols 100 for the machine gun) He also put the guys in contact with a doctor in the underground who handled bio-sculpts and promised to look into somebody for dealing with repressed memories.

The bio-sculpt doc, a wizened little dwarf of Asian descent with a lackluster bedside manner, informed Perses that the scar on his neck was actually a colony of nanites. The doctor had no idea of the purpose of the nanites as it was outside his field of expertise but he promised to get in touch with someone who may be able to help.

Lot and Perses and then went to Lester’s saloon to have a chat with Cpt. Dalton (Retired) to see what they can see about the Knight Errant situation.



I’m going to cut Rourke’s head off and fuck his empty eye sockets.

Running from the Knights

interesting. what for exactly?

Running from the Knights

I think Percy has been hitting the BTLs again.

Running from the Knights

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