Basement Shadowrun

What to do With Slicer Dicer?

Lot to Perses: slide up and grab my unh . . .

Kia robot soldiers

As the team was figuring out how to handle the slicer dicer situation, they heard the whine of small turbines overhead. They quickly learned that Knight Errant had dispatched a pair of winged reconnaissance drones to keep tabs on them. In addition at least one rigger was piggy-backing the drones and Alabaster joined in electronic battle with the Knight Errant units.

One of Alabaster’s roto-drones was forced to sit down the other was apparently captured, possibly destroyed. The battle was ended when high-end military jamming started wiping out the com signals. Lord Z3R0 joined the fray, taking control of one of the Knight Errant recon platforms and using its air to air missile to take out its mate.

Gyoza and Perses shuffled and now unconscious slicer dicer and builder into the back of the van. Lot started hoofing it down from the roof waiting for pickup. As he got to the ground floor the team realized that there was movement across the river and further movement on the road to the South. The sams sprinted back to their bikes, while Alabaster dove into the van. They soon realized that the South and West roads were each blocked by an armored Steel Lynx drone, backed by 6 TAN DEM drones.
Lot went astral to evaluate the threat but found a fire elemental waiting for him. He was staggered by the elemental’s attack and retreated from astral space. The drones then launched a salvo of flash bangs at Gyoza, Perses and Lot. That was enough to knock Lot out of the fight but Gyoza and Perses bulled through.
Shadowrun standoff by raben aas d4ximd6
The team found their weapons ineffective against the tanks, except for the van’s .50 Cal, which Alabaster used to chew through them like rotten wood. The bikes hightailed it past the row of buildings taking them out of the line of fire – leaving the drone’s remaining weapons ineffective against the van’s armor. Which is not to say that the van’s paint job isn’t blasted to hell or that the windows are entirely unscathed.

As a parting gift Lord Z3R0 hacked one of the TAN DEMs, picking up its sensor feed and then erasing any evidence of his presence.

The team then hauled ass South out of Kingsgate and Hollywood heading for Touristville where Alabaster said he knew a guy who could hook them up with a safe house.

The safe house turned out to be Madame Zhiang’s Massage Parlor, known to law enforcement as Jimmy Wu’s Rub and Tug. For the mere pittance of 9K a month, the team (and their captive) is now shoehorned into two small bedrooms joined by a crappy little kitchenette. The apartment has a staircase down to the massage parlor’s first-floor and an additional exit to a back alley area that it shares with Lester’s Saloon and a few other disreputable, low-rent establishments.
Barrens strip club
Word has already started to get around that the Knights are hunting for the team and apparently have holos of their faces that they’re showing around to some of their known associates. They don’t yet have a handle on how extensive this man hunt is.
Wanted 143445 full



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