Madame Zhiang's Massage Parlor

Motel before by atomhawk

Madame Zhiang’s Massage Parlor is owned by a Triad Syndicat man Named Johnny Wu. It is of course a chinese brothel. It also happens to rent out a few rooms on occasion.

At Madame Zhiang’s there is a go-for, a stocky little round-eye that he calls ‘Swidgen’. There has always been a Swidgen. Apparently Johnny Wu’s great-great-grandfather started the tradition almost 200 years ago – a round-eye servant for the head of the Wu household.

Madame Zhiang’s is near the end of the strip of progressively seedier places that exist to entice the tourists to the darker side. It also sees a bit of a clientele from bangers and rival syndicates.

Madame Zhiang's Massage Parlor

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