1. Before tests, wagers are determined. Each participant wagers into the pot.

2. A hand is played via an opposed Poker Skill+Edge test. Untrained characters roll their full Edge. Highest number of hits wins the hand. Ties are resolved with the tied players doubling their wagers and playing another test.

3. If a player glitches, their Edge is considered reduced by 1 for the course of the game. This is cumulative for each glitch. Essentially, their luck is running out. Once their Edge is reduced to 0 they may continue to play relying on their skill alone. An untrained player cannot hope to compete without an Edge pool (as they won’t have any dice to roll).

4. If a player would lose or tie a hand, they can choose to Bluff. Make an oppose Con+CHA vs either INT+CHA or Con+INT test against the potential winner. Net hits are applied as a dice pool bonus (rolled immediately) for the current hand. However, the net hits are also accumulated as a dice penalty toward any future Bluff checks the player attempts in the game. If the bonus dice hits + the original Poker Skill+Edge hits exceed the current winner’s total, the Bluffing player wins the hand. If the hits are tied, wagers are double and another Poker Skill+Edge test is played with the Bluffing player still receiving his bonus dice to test.

Blackwing, Sam Verner, and Lofwyr sit down for a friendly game of cards. Wagers are 1000¥.

Hand 1: Blackwing rolls Poker+Edge and gets 3 hits. Verner, untrained, defaults to Edge, and manages 1 hit. Lofwyr is trained and manages 4 hits and wins the hand.

Hand 2: Blackwing glitches, which means his Edge pool is reduced by 1 for the rest of the game. He still manages 2 hits. Verner also gets 2 hits. Lofwyr only gets 1 hit. Since they are tied, Blackwing and Verner both wager another 1000¥ (bringing the pot to 5000¥) and play another test. Blackwing glitches again, further reducing his Edge pool. He still gets a hit though. Verner manages another 2 hits though and wins the hand.

Hand 3: Blackwing gets 4 hits despite his -2 penalty to his edge pool. Verner only manages 1 hit. Lofwyr comes up with an awesome 5 hits though. Normally, Lofwyr would win the hand, but Blackwing decides to Bluff. He rolls a Con+CHA test and gets 5 hits. Lofwyr opposes with a CHA+INT but he only gets 2 hits. Blackwing, having successfully bluffed the dragon, immediately rolls the net of 3 dice, gets 2 hits, and adds them to his original hits for a total of 6 hits and victory. However, he now takes a -3 dice pool penalty to Bluff checks for the rest of the game.


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