Terrorist Aircraft Attack (December 8, 2071)

December 8, 2071

“John, you are watching a live feed of an empty airliner taking off from Federated-Boeing that has apparently been hijacked by a terrorist rigger. Now we can see that Boeing is scrambling helicopters to engage the airliner. We are also informed that ‘alert 5’ fighters from both McChord Airbase and the USS Colin Powell are also being scrambled . . . "

December 9, 2071:

“Late last night, an unmanned Boeing Aircraft that was being fueled for its delivery flight from the factory, was hijacked by hacker(s) and flown from the Federated-Boeing plant into an old upscale residential district in Redmond. Apparently it flew directly into a single mansion there, leveling the place. Authorities said the casualties amounted to more than a dozen badly burned bodies and there are reports that each of them had an image of the Grim Reaper glowing on their foreheads. No group has yet come forward to claim the attack. There has been speculation that this was a freak programming error. FB and Lone Star say they have not ruled out any possibility at this time.

“This unprecedented terrorist act has caused aviation authorities throughout North America to rethink their security procedures. Federated Boeing is now revamping its security policies to ensure that wireless capabilities are disabled unless pilots are also on board the aircraft. There has been speculation as to why such an audacious attack would have been directed at such an unimportant target as a abandoned mansion in the Redmond Barrens. Still no terrorist organization has come forward to claim responsibility for the attacks.”

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> Terrorist attack? Yeah right. Try government-sanctioned assassination! Anyone with a brain knows the Marauders had setup shop in that place. All this means is that they had something big going down. Something that had DC shook up. Airstrike would have been too overt, had us all guessing. So they go the terrorist root? Like any terrorist has the skills to hack a Federated Boeing cargo-liner. Those things have safeties and hundreds of thousands of nuyen in Black IC. Totally a government job.
> dUBtaP99

> Ignore, Dubtap. He’s an idiot. What this does show is that Knight Errant isn’t up to the task of protecting Seattle. That airliner could have just as easily gone to ground in Bellevue. And where was KE? Lagging behind. Late as usual. I’m not saying Lonestar was any better. However, I will say you didn’t see this sort of stuff happening when they were on the job.
> StarChylde

>The Star is still on the job StarChylde. KE’s new contract doesn’t take effect until the first of the year. Though they have taken over the QRF duties for the ’plex. Is that what you are talking about? And, from what I hear the Marauders were a splinter group from of the Redmond Brigade (and not a very top shelf splinter at that). Maybe the Brigade was intended as the real target.
>Star Loner

>Of course I meant QRF. Bringing down renegade aircraft isn’t exactly beat cop work, is it?
> StarChylde

>That’s what they want you to think, man. Stop licking up whatever drek they feed out. I’m telling you, I have high ranking sources that tell me shit was about to go down. Reliable sources.
> dUBtaP99

>So seriously? These marauder clowns were the actual targets of an attack with the aircraft? who’d they piss off? Anybody heard more about that ‘glowing-reaper-on-the-forehead’ report? Is that just smoke?

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Terrorist Aircraft Attack (December 8, 2071)

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