Basement Shadowrun

Ancient Pawns

Not ancient prawns

Lughaidh tells you to lay low for a few months due to heat from blood mages and ATS. You have time for R&R, put in a few orders for equipment, get your new equipment, and still have time to spare. You all have level 110 World of Warcraft 7 paladins by the time your links buzz. Surprisingly, it’s Rourke’s grizzled mug that lights up your screens and promises an end to the monotony.

“‘Team Overkill?’ Seriously? No wonder why everyone in Seattle wants you dead. Well, not quite everyone. How would you like a chance to keep your skills sharp, let someone else take the blame for whatever carnage you cause, AND make some new friends in the process? Oh, and money. There’s money involved, too.”

Carnage piques your interest at least as much as money, so you’re in. Rourke provides the details:

“Mr. Johnson is an Ancient hotshot named Belial. They’re putting on some sort of elf ritual game thing tonight at the Daisy Chain in Tarislar. Get there at 11pm and they’ll fill you in. Belial tells me that whatever you do, it won’t be pinned on you unless you get stupid about it. That’s why I thought of you guys.”

Lot bows out. His bags are packed and he’s ready to beat feet, but he tells you a connection of his will take his spot on the run. A soldier named Parish he did a few runs with awhile back.

You get to the Daisy Chain to find this Parish already there. You meet Belial and he lays out the game: You’re his proxies in a scavenger hunt. You have an hour to hit up to five places and let the Ancients have the credit. Targets are a Humanis Policlub clubhouse, a Spikes bar, Skraacha orcs at an Underground entrance, some pimp dwarf and his drugged out girls, and, finally, an autotruck heading through the neighborhood at about 12:45. The catch is you’ll be competing against a group of Laesa elfs representing the current Ancient’s leader, Sting. If you win, Belial gets the Ancients as a birthday present. You lose… Well, don’t lose.

Before heading out, Perses gives the Laesa crew a goodwill present of a nausea grenade through door of their rover. You peel out as the elfs scurry about opening doors in an attempt to air the vehicle out.

First stop is the dwarf pimp, Jimmy the Chin, over in the Crime Mall. Perses plays John long enough to confirm Jimmy’s most recent acquisition, a 14 year old elf kid, was present and accounted for. After that, the team closes up shop for Jimmy and his brother Billy. Permanently. Finding the Chin’s van nearby, the team loads up the girls and sends them home to Belial via pilot program.

Next destination is the Humanis racists. Their plan to chuck TNT through the door goes sour when Gyoza scuffs some gravel, alerting a roof racist that something going down. Parish and Perses take the back door, while Ceana whips the ride around in preparation for the inevitable fireworks. Gyoza gets inside just in time to count bodies, since Parish and Perses made better time. Parish grabs whatever hoods he can carry, Perses grabs their flag, and Gyoza sets the bomb. As the team speeds off toward their next destination, they are treated to rear view mirror full of explosions.

The team determines they have enough time to hit the Spikes bar before tracking down the autotruck. Their plan to crack that nut with a rocket and followup with grenades to make mincemeat of those troll Spikes is pretty near foolproof… if not for what goes around comes around. The Laesa crew left a present for the team in the form of a strand of monofiliment cable stretched across the street. Gyoza at the helm loses all four tires and skids out of control, coming to rest against a building across the street from the bar. Their rover essentially useless, the team nabs the Spikes motorcycles, but not before busting open the Twisted Tusk anyway. Seems they were beat getting there, as their targets had already met their demise and been stripped of their horns. Determined to get some trophies, Gyoza and Ceana remove the trolls of the last of their dignity before heading out to intercept the autotruck.

Team Overkill is late to the party as the Laesa crew already have a man on the truck ready to take over. Through a combination of grenades and compulsion, Parish and Ceana work together to divert the majority of the Laesa team, sending them speeding down some side road. Gyoza manages to gain access to the cab and control of the truck, but the remaining elf doesn’t give up without a fight. He places a boot in Gyoza’s face, causing the dwarf to slam on the brakes. Parish just manages to avoid slamming into the back of the truck, and he ditches the bike to aid Gyoza. The street sam, it seems, has everything under control, zapping the Laesa elf into sweet slumber. Tossing the elf to the side of the road, Parish takes control of the truck, and they speed to victory at the Daisy Chain.