Basement Shadowrun

Back in Action

Team Overkill rides again.

Mr. L. has another mission for the runners. Rourke contacts the team. Nobody else seems to want to put their faith in a bunch of runners called team overkill. It is been six months since the team return from Portland and pickings are slim.

The job is straightforward… A black market cargo hauler is offloading in ancient sarcophagus at a pier in Tacoma. Mr. L. wants the team to intercept the sarcophagus and bring it back to him.

The Yakuza are in charge of the black market pier. Mr. L. is fairly certain that the sarcophagus will be met by some sort of security detail, but he does not have any particulars. The transport is an Aztec Profit class submarine. It makes frequent runs from Vladivostok to Malaysia to Japan to Seattle.

The submarine is scheduled to arrive Thursday night. Mr. L. has offered 50,000 each for the retrieval of this cargo. 10,000 upfront.