Basement Shadowrun

Back to the Castle - Back to the Future?

The team has returned to the castle of Baron von Munchmausen at approximately 0200 hours, June 8, 1944. They have brought the Panzer to rest on a small plateau over 3 km from the castle. There is no footpath to their current position. They have arrived at approximately 30% fuel remaining and depleted ammunition particularly for the auto cannon. The team has launched both of the panzer’s drones for reconnaissance.

They have discovered that the castle is occupied by what appears to be a light company of SS. There are two major routes into the valley, a rail route to the north and a road to the east. Each of these appear to be guarded by an MP platoon with light caliber towed antitank weaponry. The closest, the railway checkpoint is approximately 4 km from the castle. The road checkpoint is approximately 10 km from the castle.

The castle itself clearly has light antiaircraft batteries on at least two of the towers. The SS troopers also walk patrols and there appeared to be sandbags reinforcing the battlements, barbed wire limiting the approaches, and floodlights set up around the perimeter.

Lord zero has intercepted, and decoded, a transmission from the castle ostensibly directed to someone in Berlin directing the recipient to “tell the Fuhrer that we have nearly breached the inner sanctum. I believe we will have his prize shortly.”

Lot and Caenna both detect a lessening of the magic dead zone the closer they get to the castle.