Basement Shadowrun

Bread Run Part 1

October 9, 2071 – 1535hrs

Gmc hauler

The Bread Run Setup

The team, through various (and largely unpleasant) means tracked the location of the missing truck within three hours of the assignment. On the way to scope out the location (an abandoned strip mall in the north stretch of the barrens) they noticed only one other vehicle, another van, headed south, away from the mall. Clive put in a call to one of his buddies to trace the plates and is waiting to hear back.

The team made one pass for reconnaissance, then dropped Builder and Gyoza off to recon the back parking lot. They infiltrated through the scrub brush and found the truck, jack knifed behind the mall, with the cab pulled in between two loading ramps. There was another GMC Bulldog van parked about 12 meters north of it, and three armed men standing nearby. Two were talking near the passenger door of the van and the third was by the passenger door of the truck. One had a pair of Ares Predator IV’s in holsters. Another had an Ingram Smartgun and the last had an AK 97. Thermographic imaging indicated that there was another man inside the van, but there was no sign of the missing crew members.

Builder opened fire with his LMG, ripping into the men by the van.
Mg chutney
Gyoza rushed the other man standing by the truck, cutting badly him with his katana. The wounded man retreated, firing wildly at Gyoza. The rest of the team deployed at the southwest corner of the strip mall and charged into the fray.

Gyoza finished off the wounded pistoleer, just as he made it into the drover’s seat of the van, by running several feet of steel through his torso. Adding insult to injury, his predator ejected its own magazine. Gyoza could now see the last man in a sort of modified dentist’s chair in the back of the van. at the same time, Clive was sliding on his knees (doing wonders for his pants) under the trailer of the truck. moments later the van deployed a heavy machine gun from a hidden compartment on an articulated arm – pointing right at Clive.

Builder opened up on it with his LMG, damaging the belt feeder system, then Lot encased it in a globe of energy. Clive finished the threat by firing two rounds from his AK into the man in the chair, geeking the slot-head.

Now the team has control of both the van and the truck, but the crew is still missing. How long ahve they been gone for? where were they taken? are they even alive? tune in next time to find out!


“largely unpleasant” means couldn’t equal “the classic robotic tranny mechanic”, could it?

Bread Run Part 1

here we deal with euphemisms.

Bread Run Part 1