Basement Shadowrun


October 14th, 2071,


As the team was pondering the implications of the spy drone they had captured, Builder and Clive detected movement in the buildings to either direction. They suspected that they had been lured into a trap and decided to simply try to bull their way out of it. With the crate loaded, the team piled back into the van. Clive put the pedal to the metal and the van lurched forward. Lot created a globe of force around the fire-team to the east as the van headed in that direction. A moment later, a bullet creased the hood of the van.

Clive swung the van hard to the left, throwing the team around in the back. Z3R0 used an RFID eraser on the tags in the crate and Lot turned the entire van invisible. Moments later a Steel Lynx combat drone burst through the warehouse and brought its .50 cal HMG to bear.
Winter systems steel lynx drone series shadowrun
It began to spray in a wide arc, but Clive was johhny on the spot with the driving skills and he managed to dodge all the incoming fire. Just then Clive noticed more bullet impacts in the intersection ahead from another fire-team to the west. Lot force cast another spell forcing the team to throw their weapons out the window. Gyoza turned his directional jammer on the lynx and its motions became far more mechanical. Builder leaned out the window and engaged the drone with his LMG, shredding one of its legs and causing it to flip onto its turret. A bullet punched through the windshield above Lot, lodging in the floorboard of the van – and then they were through the ambush.

Clive jammed the acceleration and sped glacially away from the firefight. Within seconds the team was being pursued by a Range Rover that was quickly overtaking them. A man appeared through a hatch in the roof and snapped off two rounds from an MGL-112 grenade launcher. one of the grenades caused minor damage to the van and then Gyoza fired a round from his Ruger Super Warhawk through the back window. The heavy revolver caused fluid to spurt from the engine of the pursuing truck, then Lot created another barrier behind the team’s van. The SUV tried to swerve, but plowed into the barrier, totaling the SUV.

The team E&E‘d back to Lorenzano’s without further incident and delivered the goods, receiving 5k nuyen and two magical foci, as promised.

Yet another run under their belts.