Basement Shadowrun

Domestic Tranquility

Prince Parris has a mission for Team Overkill, but that mission is usurped by a vendetta. The prince’s rally in the park gets interrupted by a drive by. Everyone freaks out about the random bystanders caught in the crossfire. In Seattle, we call this “Tuesday.”

Parris is pissed about petty gangs chucking bullets down the streets of Peaceful Portland. He wants the fighting stopped. Use diplomacy or any means necessary, says the frenzied Prince, which, to Team Overkill, means use deadly force unless we can personally benefit from talking after which point we will use deadly force anyway.

Who is the omniscient narrator who understands this team’s motivations so well?

There are four street gangs involved in this job fair, the ‘runners learn from Parris’s trusted VP of corporate analogy, Mr. Horn. In one reserved in advance boardroom, you have the dwarven Sons of Gimli and their female allies, the Shooters. In the other boardroom is the native Dog Soldiers backed up by the Shooters biggest enemy the… somethings. The Spans? What the fuck does that even mean? Even as orc street gang names go, you have to admit that is fucking stupid.

I agree entirely

Alabaster, Parish, and Perses decide to check out the Son’s of Gimli’s clubhouse and set up some reconnaissance. While their driver, Mr. Johnson, idles the SUV out front, TO decides to go in for a drink, which is code for “go in and try to extort the gang for protection money.” That pretty much fails, but the ’runners did identify the leader and his girlfriend, a hot elf lassy named Smiles-With-The-Sun. Armed with a fury (that from the outside, kinda looks like a temper tantrum, just sayin)

Please don’t ask me to weep for the deaths of a bunch of gangbanging murderers who are a blight on society.

the Team resolves to leave and then come in again, this time under the covering fire of one of Alabaster’s rotodrones. That ended poorly for the Sons as they were flashbanged and shot to a man, either during the fight, or afterwards when Alabaster returned to execute the prisoners as they lie bound in a storeroom. They got their licks in though, and Perses will be pulling slugs out of his gut this evening while the rest of the team does whatever they have planned for Smiles-With-The-Sun.

That’s right, Team Overkill somehow avoids killing Smiles-With-The-Sun,

pure accident

who, they found out earlier, is the sister of Red Feather, the leader of the Dog Soldiers, and the Juliet in this remake of that Romeo & Juliet movie (not to be confused with the Romeo & Juliet Shadowrun mission which is in no way associated with this session summary). They decide it is in their own best interest to bind up the girl, gag her, and keep a taser in her back to make sure she stays unconscious while they pile into the SUV and bring her back to their hotel room…


Main question . . . is she a mage?

Guys, this is where we see about planning our next move