Basement Shadowrun

Further down the Rabbit Hole

H+ :23

Clive and Lord Z3R0 have rejoined the rest of the team. Lord Z3R0 may be suffering from some sort of mania as he plays with his assault rifle and revels in this new feeling of being out of the van.

The initial QRT (Quick Reaction Team) sent by Aztechnology was knocked out by a second bomb in the main elevator shaft. Clive freed himself and then snuck down and ‘rendered harmless’ the survivors of the bomb. Z joined him. They began exploring the hidden facility, looking for their friends, when moments later they heard a new klaxon sounding. The doors to the ghoul ring were opening!

They scrambled through another set of airlocks and found their team mates, along with some new additions a SF operator-type named Dodd who looked a little worse for wear, and a pair of neo-anarchist hippie terrorists, named Flowers and Ratchet. The NA types seemed a bit out of their league, Dodd seems competent, but injured from previous encounters.

Dodd inormed the team that his group infiltrated the facility through the ventilation shaft with a man named Kreiger who was running his own op within theirs. Kreiger killed Fezzik and went down to the lower levels himself, with the aid of a small army of drones. Dodd fled with the remains of the team to the medical wing to catch a breather.

Now the team has moved south to take control of a lab to see if they can fabricate some ECCM (Electronic Counter Counter Measures) to deal with this high end jamming that’s fraggin’ up their commlinks. They engaged the remnants of an internal security team with a mage and a couple technicians. They have been locked into the central room at the south end of the main level. Their casualties are indeterminate.

Kreiger is believed to be on the 3rd floor. The Azzie protocol is to nerve gas the entire facility in 24 hours if they haven’t regained control by then.

Z3R0 has accessed the following systems:
Cameras – many were damaged or without sufficient power. only a few on the main level were working.
Doors – Zero has accessed most of the doors on the main level
Power – Z has shut down power to the doors in the entire facility after shutting all doors on the main level.
Maps of the Secret Facility