Basement Shadowrun

Gearing Up

The Team has looted the armory of the onsite security team and now has:

4 sets of medium military grade armor with muscle Augmentation 2.
2 Gauss rifles
5 rating 5 ‘battle buddy basic’ military grade comlinks with rating 6 eccm. (these 5 devices are able to cut through the jamming to talk to each other).
60 rounds of Gauss rifle ammunition
12 power packs for the Gauss rifles (the military armor runs on its own chargeable source and will be good for approx. 6 hours.)

The team has also allied with the remnants of the azzie security team:
1 lieutenant, wage mage with badly injured fire spirit
1 sergeant, badly injured by grenade fir but stabilized
2 security goons, operational, one with military armor, the other with armored vest
2 technicians
1 Cyborg “Zippo” who is currently being fitted with weapons

The team encountered a Cyberzombie whose personality matrix appears to be crashing. they sent him downstairs to find ice cream. They heard considerable gunfire and screaming from the second level.

Gyoza was injured by heavy cannon fire from the elevator shaft apparently fired by a drone left by Kreiger. The team has dropped smoke grenades into the shaft and is otherwise formulating a plan of ingress.