Basement Shadowrun

Getting the Goods

October 13th, 2071

So the Team was unsuccessful in infiltrating the warehouse by stealth, but was able to hack the Customs database and found the access code necessary to retrieve the cargo. That portion went off without a hitch, but the team soon realized that they were being followed. They lost the tail (thanks to some mind control by Lot – and ‘running silent’ das boot fashion-but with trucks) in an abandoned factory near the wharves, and hid the crate just in case.

October 14th, 0100 hrs

Having returned to collect the crate, Lord Z3R0 popped up the signal ‘periscope’ for a moment and discovered that one of the tracking vehicles was still nearby, but in the wrong direction. So the team headed to the factory and recovered the crate from its hiding place. It was at that point that they noticed an electronic dragonfly hovering about. Gyoza jammed its signal quickly and Lot captured it with his magic and shut off its transceiver. If it got off a signal before the capture though, the bad guys could be coming down on the team in seconds.

What to do, what to do . . . ?