Basement Shadowrun

Megacorporate Overkill, Take 1


So, the Johnson sets a meet at the old Bulldog Scrapyard in the Redmond Barrens at oh dark 30, of course. You find him they’re leaning against the side of the Mitsubishi night sky limousine smiling his plastic smile on his plastic face with his Slicked-back blonde hair.
He has two plastic guards with him, very well armed and, either anthropomorphic drones or full body cyborgs. They are very plastic – or maybe titanium.

“Gentlemen, my name is Mr. Johnson. My principal has a job for you. It is primarily an extraction on a heavily defended corporate site. my principal has discovered that the target’s research team has recently completed a prototype of an upgraded heavy armor cyborg/drone body of some sort. My principal wants the data, chief scientist, and prototype itself extracted. However, it is understood that the prototype is likely very large and bulky and perhaps impossible to be extracted – in which case it needs to be destroyed.

“The target is the Shiawase corporate tower in downtown Seattle. The R&D facility is located on the 80th floor. My principal has learned that, with the completion of this research and the development of the prototype, the entire project is scheduled to be moved to Japan Friday morning. Once that happens, extraction of the technology will be effectively impossible. Consequently this extraction must occur Thursday night or no later than 0400 hrs. Friday morning.

“The fee is 10,000 each upfront, with several bonuses based on Mission completion. Extraction of the head scientist for the project, Nicholas Kerensky, is worth 200,000. Retrieving the project data and prototype plans is worth 250,000. Destroying the prototype is worth 100,000. Extracting the prototype is worth 1,000,000.

“So? Are you interested?”

1 notoriety
1 public awareness


$ 20k each upfront

$1,667,500 total for completion or $333,500 each (+20k)