Basement Shadowrun

The Abduction of Gyoza

November 7, 2071
0-dark-thirty (approximately 0330)

Battlelords sf bike by raben aas

While the rest of the team was selling the bus, Gyoza headed out behind the Penny to get his bike and go home. However, out back he found Slicer-Dicer and several gangers waiting for him with stun batons. Slicer chopped at Gyoza with his club, but dumpling ducked the blow, drew his iron and shot Dicer in the chest with his Ruger Super Black Hawk. The APDS rounds punched through Dicer’s armored vest like it was tissue paper, throwing him back on his ass. For a moment, as Dicer clutched his wound with a stupefied expression, it looked like Gyoza was going to finish off this little feud with a single bullet.

But then the rest of the goons reached him. Gyoza dodged the first blow, but the second landed solidly and a third goon hit him for good measure. The electricity of the stun batons caused Gyoza’s nervous system to overload, incapacitating him. The goons wasted no time zip-tying and gagging him then throwing him in the trunk of a car . . .

. . . Mean while, back in the Penny, the recently laid off Lone Star rigger ‘FNG 2’ strolled in through the back door, looking for a beer and hoping Rourke had found him a lead on some work. He had noticed some gangers futzing around with the trunk of an old beat up Americar, which he thought was a bit odd since Rourke is well known to take a violently dim view of gang bangers.

In fact, as FNG 2 came into the bar, he could see that Rourke was looking grimly at two trid feeds, one was clearly the back alley lot. “Hoi FNGRourke looked up for a moment as he entered “I got some quick work for you. wait a tic.” FNG 2 nodded and headed to the can to collect himself. When he came out Rourke told him he needed the gangers who were just in the back lot tracked and punished. 2k for the job. FNG 2 agreed and Rourke told him that there might be a guy who had been kidnapped in the back of their car. Rourke put FNG 2 in touch with Lot to coordinate actions and make sure that Gyoza didn’t get pasted.

FNG 2 spooled up his roto drones and took off with his scout drone in the lead. He left the Dobermans back with the van for later deployment. It did’t take long for the drones to catch up with the gangers, 2 slags on bikes following a beat up old red Americar. They had no idea they were being tailed and were moving slowly through the slumming bar crowds that were making their way home from Touristville to their much nicer places . . . elsewhere.

Bike gun battle

As the bikers were cat calling across the street to a bunch of little hotties, the Roto drone opened fire with its HK 227. The bullets slapped into the left most rider but his armor absorbed much of the impact and he gunned his bike to get away. He was hampered by the crowd though and the drone’s next burst splattered his brains onto the bystanders while miraculously missing them with bullets. His bike and body crashed to the ground and the second biker opened fire on the roto drone to no effect. Meanwhile the Americar slammed into reverse to turn to follow the remaining biker. As it shifted back into drive, Gyoza (who had already freed himself and found the trunk release) simply rolled out of the back, holding the trunk with a free hand to close it again gently. The car sped away, and he activated his chameleon suit, slipping away in the confusion. Unfortunately his Ruger and the rest of his weapons were still in the cabin of the car.

FNG 2’s scout drone followed the gangers to an old abandoned service station about three klicks away and Rourke and Lot considered the mission complete.



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