Basement Shadowrun

The Bowels of Castle Munchmaussen

The team started planning a bit from their overwatch, then Perses decided to get going. he sneaked across the valley and scaled the cliff, climbing the wall. Lord Zero tried to trick the bad guys into leaving the castle, but instead, they went out onto the battlements, looking for trouble. Lot joined the fray by mind controlling a squad of SS troops causing them to fire on their allies. During the friendly fire-firefight, Perses reached the top of the castle wall and began slicing and dicing. The remaining SS troops recognized the threat and drove him to cover with their fusillade.

That’s when the Panzer arrived, screaming over the castle ramparts and shredding SS troopers with cannon and machine gun fire. The survivors went for cover in one of the towers. Perses chases them down, crossing the yard and dashing into the front door of the keep. there were a lot of muzzle flashes and Perses walked out with smoking barrels, leaving behind a room full of corpses.

The team headed downstairs, encountering Herr Oberst and Herr Book. Lot’s Elemental proved the stronger, and the room was cleared. The team then discovered that the Germans had been tunneling into the wall of the basement and that beyond was a carved limestone tunnel leading deeper into the hill. They decided to explore, following a long winding ramp leading ever downward. when in finally leveled out, it opened into a large cavern lit by a bluinsh green light emanating from a large crystal formation in the center of the cavern. Coiled around it was a mound of bliush scales – over 50 meters of western dragon, looking right at the team. It is apparently content to continue to slumber here. It also refused to give its name.

otherwise the castle is secure, Kenna can plant the device and you can all go home-ish.

After leaving the dragon’s den, you head back upstairs, kenna places the second device. at midnight you are teleported back to 2052, about a week before the rest of yourselves actually arrive. the baron greets zero as a long lost cousin, but is apparently dissatisfied that he is not a troll. you wine and dine for a bit. Goldi informs the baron that a muckity-muck from Aztechnology has requested a visit. However he doesn’t show up for his appointment a few days later. There is word of a new set of small scale rebellions to the north. A few days after that, every one is laid low with a combination of dysentery and the bends. it lasts several days. the baron does not make it. Goldi calls the lawyers and gets the ball moving on the succession.

Kenna herds every one together and heads back to Seattle, with the book. The Johnson cuts loose 40k cred for everyone. The following midnight the team returns to the parking garage. they are whisked back to 2072, where they are met by a goblin. “come quickly . . this place is watched.” he ushers them out and takes them on a tour of Puyallup. about 20 minutes later, some pyrotechnics occur behind them. “I think we are clear now. the master says you are watched by the blood mages. He has arranged a place to stay here. you should lay low for a while, until things cool off.”