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the hangover

Clive: isn’t she like really inebriated? She’s got some good reflexes for a chick with a dick in her mouth.

Posted by 11 Bravo

Nothing better than waking up with a foul hangover on a gurney in a hospital gown. The really sad thing is I think this had happened to me before. Anyhow looks like we were picked up by the Tir police and chained to these hospital beds in an unused wing of the public hospital. I broke my restraints and got the other guys out, but perses must’ve got a double dose of whatever they used. Heard voices outside the next room so we scrambled for cover when the nurse walked through. She realized something was wrong and scampered back out. I rushed through the door, knocking her on her face and surprising the pair of Portland PD cops who were looking over all of our gear. I grabbed the one with a clipboard put him in a chicken wing. The other one drew down on me and fired off a round. I guess they don’t train them like they used to.

In any event he didn’t hit either of us. alabaster had my back, rushing in to engage in a very sad display – tumbling around on the floor with the nurse. In any event she was out for a bit and the new guy we picked up joined the fray. Evidently pistols remortgage the, still had a bit of the standoff. We’ve got the door block and a little bit of the upper hand. After some negotiation back and forth with cops and regrettably they just let us out, Cordesman didn’t explain the mechanism for that. Alabaster used his brand-new drone when it got done freeze up quick draw McGraw, the zip tied together to hit all of them when the lease/patches found off those paladins.

We got our gear back in recorded Prince telling us at least a little of what it happened