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What to do with a Cryo-bus?

November 7 2071 “0-dark-thirty”

Z3R0 jacks in to the modified bus and fights past the firewall. In less than a minute he has control of the vehicle and the team is rolling out. The runners E&E from the secret lab in their newly acquired cryo-bus. Moments later Lord Z3R0 gets a message linked through the bus:

Metro bus

“park vehicle in the lot across from Mitsuhama’s Everett facility. While there input link for transfer of funds.” Everett or even Redmond are still a ways off when Clive gets a call from Rourke:

“hey there chummer. You got some hot merch? Steel Toe just told me that a guy flashed him holo of you with some crappy mustache and wanted to know if he knew you. Steel told him to buzz off but the guy said he’d be willing to pay top dollar to purchase any of you new acquisitions. Anyhow, just thought you should know.”

Lot can’t suppress a soft chuckle. “Steel Toe’s ‘guy’ is obviously a setup. I say we go with that one.”

Clive sighs, “I don’t know, I thought Camel Toe was trustworthy, no? Heh. And why didn’t anyone tell me that mustache made me look fat?”

Lot “I’m not saying Steel Toe is setting you up, but this guy probably is. Think about it: Who would have a picture of you with that caterpillar on your lip other than someone from your recent place of employment?”

Clive looks down at his PDA, where he just ShadowTweeted his likeness of Jimmy Jimson not moments ago and attempts to look nonchalant, “Yeah, uh, I think you are on to something here. Let’s follow your lead on this.”

Lot suggests asking Rourke to look for a buyer then adds that “Hands” might be interested. The team arrives at the Penny and goes in to talk to Rourke. They find him chatting across the bar with an obvious Gillette that the team has never seen before. Cotter yells a greeting across the bar but Lot ignores him.

Clive chats up Steel Toe while Lot asks Rourke about a possible buyer. Clive learns that the guy asking about him and his ‘acquisitions’ was a Japanese suit who looked like he could handle himself.

Clive makes a call to “Hands” and he agrees to meet the runners in an abandoned mall’s parking lot just outside of Touristville in 2 hours. Clive is still flying high on the stims and other chemicals he used while in the lab, but Builder and Gyoza are hurtin’ units. They decide to sit this one out. Rourke vouches for Perses, the Gillette he’s talking to, and Lot and Clive agree to take him along for the meet as an ‘audition.’ Persesagrees to go and they set off to case the place.

Z3R0 is driving while simultaneously watching the news feeds of the fighting going on between KE and the Azzies and Kreiger’s assets at the lab site as well as the ShadowSEA feeds on the same subject. At the same time he is playing his hacked WOWIII character. On the feeds he sees his van parked several blocks away from the site. It seems safe enough at the moment, but there are mortar and missiles flying about.

Shadowrun orc ganger small

The Team gets to the site early and Lot parks his TR3 between some abandoned old crappers across the lot. He takes his rifle and heads up to the roof of an abandoned office building that is off the south west corner of the lot. Some squatters are warming themselves by a barrel fire and one gets an idea to shake the newcomer down. But as Lot move into the light of the only operational street lamp, the squatter realizes that he’s brought a knife to a gun fight and heads back the way he came.

Up top, Lot has a clear view and Clive parks the bus in the lot about 60 meter from the building. Persessteps out of the bus and the team settles in to wait. A few minutes later, a couple gangers come out of the wood line to look at the nice shiny new bus that dropped into their turf. Several more come out to join them and it is clear that they have been partying with some sort of mind altering substance. They elect one of their number to head over and shake down FNG. Perhaps because of the poor light or the drugs or booze or a generally lackluster mental capacity, the ganger does not seem to notice that the man leaning against the bus is holding a Stoner-Ares M202 medium machine gun.


The ganger’s bluster and bravado is met with a flat, wooden stare and he seems at a loss for what to do. The gang-banger seems relieved when Clive steps out of the bus and tries to turn his bluster on him. After a few choice expletives, Persesstates, deadpan, “I don’t like people who swear.” The ganger is nonplussed and Clive raises two fingers towards the ork’s face and pantomimes a gun shot. The ganger is thrown sideways as his forehead is blown off by a sniper round.

The other six, still at the edge of the parking lot, are shocked but start drawing weapons. Clive raises his other hand, dual-wielding finger pistols at them. Persesraises his machine gun and goes full auto, dropping three ’bangers. The air shimmers around the other three and they fall to the ground drooling. Two of the ones dropped by machine gun fire crawl away down the slope at the edge of the lot. One is stilled by another sniper round and FNG rushes forward to decapitate the other with his katana.

The team gathers up the gangers and ends their miserable existence. Lot retrieves his two spent shell casings. “Hands” arrives a short time later and buys the bus for 65,000 and offers the runners 6000 for the remains of the gangers. They take both deals and head back to the Penny a good deal richer. Their erstwhile Johnson, Keith, also releases 5000 into their accounts.

Bus Sale AAR


Hey Gavin, What did you update here? I can’t tell.

What to do with a Cryo-bus?

“The team gathers up the gangers and ends their miserable existence. Lot retrieves his two spent shell casings.

What to do with a Cryo-bus?

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