Basement Shadowrun

Going to Ground

08 Nov. 2071
1200 hours

The team has been made . . . all their contacts are talking about them having draw the ire of Big Brother . . . Z3R0’s commlink has been hacked. The extent of the breech is unknown but much of his data is out there. and Builder is still missing. Where is he? Has he been taken by Big Brother?

On top of all this, it looks like the Star has given up Redmond entirely. There may soon be out-and-out gang warfare in the Barrens . . .

A few members of the team took a last minute favor mission for Cotter to watch his back while dropping off a shipment of guns . . . it did not work out so well for the gangers that were receiving the shipment. Cotter only rousted Lot and Gyoza to help him but they all went to the meet at an abandoned school in Redmond. Lot assensed it astrally and Gyoza walked the ground several hours before the meet. Everything looked clean, so Gyoza rode shotgun for Cotter, while Lot parked himself on top of a water tower about 400 meters to the southwest.

High school meet

Everything started out fine. Lot experienced some high winds on top of the water tower and the hairs on the back of his neck stood up for a moment, but it soon quieted down. The gangers rolled up with two heavy vans and a pair of trucks with pintle mounted machine guns in the back. Cotter went to meet the leader and the transfer began. Gyoza noticed that the crew was mostly newbs armed with pistols and shotguns, but about 5 looked pretty experienced and were better equipped.

As the newbs were transferring the last crate of goods, the leader authorized the transfer of funds into Cotter’s account. “Well, that’s it. Lets go” Cotter turned to Gyoza but then his eyes widened as the junk piled near the front door of the school began to move. An automated heavy machine gun swiveled into view and began barking .50 caliber death into the Gangers.

The leader barely had time to utter an epithet before he was churned into hamburger. The newbs carrying the last box paused with a stupefied expression before they too were dismembered. Loud flashes exploded over the whole area dazing Cotter, Gyoza and the rest of the gangers. Lot, from atop the water towers could see that a pair of LEBD-1 roto-drones had begun firing grenades at the vehicles form over 300 meters out but the cross-range was too long to make out any details or even to accurately target them. Still, Lot quickly realized that the sentry gun was targeting the gangers exclusively, shredding the heavy vans and destroying the bodies sheltering behind them.

Gyoza and Cotter high-tailed it out of there in Cotter’s own van while the technicals opened fire on the sentry gun’s position, trying to cover the surviving ganger’s retreat. Lot scrambled down from the water tower and trotted off to his car. As they cruised away from the site, they could still hear desultory fire from the sentry gun, but certainly at least a dozen of the gangers died under its fire. . . . check out this similar footage
Cotter was a bit shaken but happily paid Lot and Gyoza their 2500 nuyen.

Cover for Cotter AAR

Now the team is going to take some down time. Older wiser heads are suggesting taking a month or two off. Train up, get some new gear and just lay low off the radar. And maybe scrub those commlinks and get new contact numbers. If Z3R0’s been hacked any of you could be . . .

The Rescue of Gyoza from Lot's Perspective

I could see that our hired muscle had eyes on Hands’s bodyguard, so I kept my sights trained on the buyer’s backup. Can’t be too careful when you’re moving something so valuable. I was a bit on edge after our encounter with the gangbangers and I won’t lie and tell you that my trigger finger wasn’t itchy.

My link sputtered to life and I cursed silently. Thought I’d shut it off. With a glance I could tell that it was Rourke and marked urgent. I dropped the visual cues and put the man on audio-only while I returned to my silent countdown, marking each target, ready for movement.

Rourke sounded frantic. Gangbangers had nabbed Gyoza. He sound more pissed that the go gangers had been on his lot than he was that Gyoza could be in harms way. Can’t say I blame him. Man has a rep to keep up. Rourke’s not one to phone without a solution, and he had one in the guise of some rigger with a pack of metal hounds. I agreed to talk to him.

This rigger asked for a lot of detail upfront. That’s the first thing that told me he used to wear a shield. Told him to look for a dwarf razorguy. Seemed to be enough. Next thing he beamed in that he made contact. Flooded my interface with video screens. Rigger definitely packs a bunch of drones. Next thing he takes down a ganger (I could see they were Chiller Thrillers now), blasting him among a crowd of tourists on the path. That’s the second thing that told me he was a cop. Definitely Lone Star’s MO.

By this time, I’d made it to the junker with Clive and the muscle. I passed the feed on to Clive who confirmed that Gyoza slipped from the trunk in the chaos and immediately went incognito. Rigger passed along that the job wasn’t done until he located the gangs hideway. It was done as far as I’m concerned. We collected our man and high tailed it back to the Penny. Rourke assured us he had the Rigger’s fee covered. Otherwise, we’d have taken it from Gyoza cut of the bus sale.

Thrillers are getting aggressive. I’m definitely getting a DocWagon subscription in the morning.

The Abduction of Gyoza

November 7, 2071
0-dark-thirty (approximately 0330)

Battlelords sf bike by raben aas

While the rest of the team was selling the bus, Gyoza headed out behind the Penny to get his bike and go home. However, out back he found Slicer-Dicer and several gangers waiting for him with stun batons. Slicer chopped at Gyoza with his club, but dumpling ducked the blow, drew his iron and shot Dicer in the chest with his Ruger Super Black Hawk. The APDS rounds punched through Dicer’s armored vest like it was tissue paper, throwing him back on his ass. For a moment, as Dicer clutched his wound with a stupefied expression, it looked like Gyoza was going to finish off this little feud with a single bullet.

But then the rest of the goons reached him. Gyoza dodged the first blow, but the second landed solidly and a third goon hit him for good measure. The electricity of the stun batons caused Gyoza’s nervous system to overload, incapacitating him. The goons wasted no time zip-tying and gagging him then throwing him in the trunk of a car . . .

. . . Mean while, back in the Penny, the recently laid off Lone Star rigger ‘FNG 2’ strolled in through the back door, looking for a beer and hoping Rourke had found him a lead on some work. He had noticed some gangers futzing around with the trunk of an old beat up Americar, which he thought was a bit odd since Rourke is well known to take a violently dim view of gang bangers.

In fact, as FNG 2 came into the bar, he could see that Rourke was looking grimly at two trid feeds, one was clearly the back alley lot. “Hoi FNGRourke looked up for a moment as he entered “I got some quick work for you. wait a tic.” FNG 2 nodded and headed to the can to collect himself. When he came out Rourke told him he needed the gangers who were just in the back lot tracked and punished. 2k for the job. FNG 2 agreed and Rourke told him that there might be a guy who had been kidnapped in the back of their car. Rourke put FNG 2 in touch with Lot to coordinate actions and make sure that Gyoza didn’t get pasted.

FNG 2 spooled up his roto drones and took off with his scout drone in the lead. He left the Dobermans back with the van for later deployment. It did’t take long for the drones to catch up with the gangers, 2 slags on bikes following a beat up old red Americar. They had no idea they were being tailed and were moving slowly through the slumming bar crowds that were making their way home from Touristville to their much nicer places . . . elsewhere.

Bike gun battle

As the bikers were cat calling across the street to a bunch of little hotties, the Roto drone opened fire with its HK 227. The bullets slapped into the left most rider but his armor absorbed much of the impact and he gunned his bike to get away. He was hampered by the crowd though and the drone’s next burst splattered his brains onto the bystanders while miraculously missing them with bullets. His bike and body crashed to the ground and the second biker opened fire on the roto drone to no effect. Meanwhile the Americar slammed into reverse to turn to follow the remaining biker. As it shifted back into drive, Gyoza (who had already freed himself and found the trunk release) simply rolled out of the back, holding the trunk with a free hand to close it again gently. The car sped away, and he activated his chameleon suit, slipping away in the confusion. Unfortunately his Ruger and the rest of his weapons were still in the cabin of the car.

FNG 2’s scout drone followed the gangers to an old abandoned service station about three klicks away and Rourke and Lot considered the mission complete.

What to do with a Cryo-bus?

November 7 2071 “0-dark-thirty”

Z3R0 jacks in to the modified bus and fights past the firewall. In less than a minute he has control of the vehicle and the team is rolling out. The runners E&E from the secret lab in their newly acquired cryo-bus. Moments later Lord Z3R0 gets a message linked through the bus:

Metro bus

“park vehicle in the lot across from Mitsuhama’s Everett facility. While there input link for transfer of funds.” Everett or even Redmond are still a ways off when Clive gets a call from Rourke:

“hey there chummer. You got some hot merch? Steel Toe just told me that a guy flashed him holo of you with some crappy mustache and wanted to know if he knew you. Steel told him to buzz off but the guy said he’d be willing to pay top dollar to purchase any of you new acquisitions. Anyhow, just thought you should know.”

Lot can’t suppress a soft chuckle. “Steel Toe’s ‘guy’ is obviously a setup. I say we go with that one.”

Clive sighs, “I don’t know, I thought Camel Toe was trustworthy, no? Heh. And why didn’t anyone tell me that mustache made me look fat?”

Lot “I’m not saying Steel Toe is setting you up, but this guy probably is. Think about it: Who would have a picture of you with that caterpillar on your lip other than someone from your recent place of employment?”

Clive looks down at his PDA, where he just ShadowTweeted his likeness of Jimmy Jimson not moments ago and attempts to look nonchalant, “Yeah, uh, I think you are on to something here. Let’s follow your lead on this.”

Lot suggests asking Rourke to look for a buyer then adds that “Hands” might be interested. The team arrives at the Penny and goes in to talk to Rourke. They find him chatting across the bar with an obvious Gillette that the team has never seen before. Cotter yells a greeting across the bar but Lot ignores him.

Clive chats up Steel Toe while Lot asks Rourke about a possible buyer. Clive learns that the guy asking about him and his ‘acquisitions’ was a Japanese suit who looked like he could handle himself.

Clive makes a call to “Hands” and he agrees to meet the runners in an abandoned mall’s parking lot just outside of Touristville in 2 hours. Clive is still flying high on the stims and other chemicals he used while in the lab, but Builder and Gyoza are hurtin’ units. They decide to sit this one out. Rourke vouches for Perses, the Gillette he’s talking to, and Lot and Clive agree to take him along for the meet as an ‘audition.’ Persesagrees to go and they set off to case the place.

Z3R0 is driving while simultaneously watching the news feeds of the fighting going on between KE and the Azzies and Kreiger’s assets at the lab site as well as the ShadowSEA feeds on the same subject. At the same time he is playing his hacked WOWIII character. On the feeds he sees his van parked several blocks away from the site. It seems safe enough at the moment, but there are mortar and missiles flying about.

Shadowrun orc ganger small

The Team gets to the site early and Lot parks his TR3 between some abandoned old crappers across the lot. He takes his rifle and heads up to the roof of an abandoned office building that is off the south west corner of the lot. Some squatters are warming themselves by a barrel fire and one gets an idea to shake the newcomer down. But as Lot move into the light of the only operational street lamp, the squatter realizes that he’s brought a knife to a gun fight and heads back the way he came.

Up top, Lot has a clear view and Clive parks the bus in the lot about 60 meter from the building. Persessteps out of the bus and the team settles in to wait. A few minutes later, a couple gangers come out of the wood line to look at the nice shiny new bus that dropped into their turf. Several more come out to join them and it is clear that they have been partying with some sort of mind altering substance. They elect one of their number to head over and shake down FNG. Perhaps because of the poor light or the drugs or booze or a generally lackluster mental capacity, the ganger does not seem to notice that the man leaning against the bus is holding a Stoner-Ares M202 medium machine gun.


The ganger’s bluster and bravado is met with a flat, wooden stare and he seems at a loss for what to do. The gang-banger seems relieved when Clive steps out of the bus and tries to turn his bluster on him. After a few choice expletives, Persesstates, deadpan, “I don’t like people who swear.” The ganger is nonplussed and Clive raises two fingers towards the ork’s face and pantomimes a gun shot. The ganger is thrown sideways as his forehead is blown off by a sniper round.

The other six, still at the edge of the parking lot, are shocked but start drawing weapons. Clive raises his other hand, dual-wielding finger pistols at them. Persesraises his machine gun and goes full auto, dropping three ’bangers. The air shimmers around the other three and they fall to the ground drooling. Two of the ones dropped by machine gun fire crawl away down the slope at the edge of the lot. One is stilled by another sniper round and FNG rushes forward to decapitate the other with his katana.

The team gathers up the gangers and ends their miserable existence. Lot retrieves his two spent shell casings. “Hands” arrives a short time later and buys the bus for 65,000 and offers the runners 6000 for the remains of the gangers. They take both deals and head back to the Penny a good deal richer. Their erstwhile Johnson, Keith, also releases 5000 into their accounts.

Bus Sale AAR

Restarting the Clock

So we return to our campaign in November 2071

These are the connection/loyalty ratings of some the new contacts you guys have made:

Contact Rating
Rourke 5/4
Red 4/3
Lorenzano 3/2
“Hands” 4/1
Knuckles 3/1
Cotter 2/2

The team made it to the third level of the complex and quickly discovered the bolt-hole krieger evidently intended to use. Clive nearly had his head ripped off by a grotesque ghoul that was immensely strong and crawled on the ceiling. Ghoul ceiling crawlers
The team scragged the creature then ambushed the mining robot that was tunneling in from another shaft.

the party exfilled and discovered kreiger’s planted bus with what looks like cryogenic storage devices onboard. never ones to overlook loot, the team took the bus and ran. of course they left all of their ‘allies’ back in the complex with the ghouls and the impending threat of nerve gas . . .

Metro bus

Gearing Up

The Team has looted the armory of the onsite security team and now has:

4 sets of medium military grade armor with muscle Augmentation 2.
2 Gauss rifles
5 rating 5 ‘battle buddy basic’ military grade comlinks with rating 6 eccm. (these 5 devices are able to cut through the jamming to talk to each other).
60 rounds of Gauss rifle ammunition
12 power packs for the Gauss rifles (the military armor runs on its own chargeable source and will be good for approx. 6 hours.)

The team has also allied with the remnants of the azzie security team:
1 lieutenant, wage mage with badly injured fire spirit
1 sergeant, badly injured by grenade fir but stabilized
2 security goons, operational, one with military armor, the other with armored vest
2 technicians
1 Cyborg “Zippo” who is currently being fitted with weapons

The team encountered a Cyberzombie whose personality matrix appears to be crashing. they sent him downstairs to find ice cream. They heard considerable gunfire and screaming from the second level.

Gyoza was injured by heavy cannon fire from the elevator shaft apparently fired by a drone left by Kreiger. The team has dropped smoke grenades into the shaft and is otherwise formulating a plan of ingress.

Further down the Rabbit Hole

H+ :23

Clive and Lord Z3R0 have rejoined the rest of the team. Lord Z3R0 may be suffering from some sort of mania as he plays with his assault rifle and revels in this new feeling of being out of the van.

The initial QRT (Quick Reaction Team) sent by Aztechnology was knocked out by a second bomb in the main elevator shaft. Clive freed himself and then snuck down and ‘rendered harmless’ the survivors of the bomb. Z joined him. They began exploring the hidden facility, looking for their friends, when moments later they heard a new klaxon sounding. The doors to the ghoul ring were opening!

They scrambled through another set of airlocks and found their team mates, along with some new additions a SF operator-type named Dodd who looked a little worse for wear, and a pair of neo-anarchist hippie terrorists, named Flowers and Ratchet. The NA types seemed a bit out of their league, Dodd seems competent, but injured from previous encounters.

Dodd inormed the team that his group infiltrated the facility through the ventilation shaft with a man named Kreiger who was running his own op within theirs. Kreiger killed Fezzik and went down to the lower levels himself, with the aid of a small army of drones. Dodd fled with the remains of the team to the medical wing to catch a breather.

Now the team has moved south to take control of a lab to see if they can fabricate some ECCM (Electronic Counter Counter Measures) to deal with this high end jamming that’s fraggin’ up their commlinks. They engaged the remnants of an internal security team with a mage and a couple technicians. They have been locked into the central room at the south end of the main level. Their casualties are indeterminate.

Kreiger is believed to be on the 3rd floor. The Azzie protocol is to nerve gas the entire facility in 24 hours if they haven’t regained control by then.

Z3R0 has accessed the following systems:
Cameras – many were damaged or without sufficient power. only a few on the main level were working.
Doors – Zero has accessed most of the doors on the main level
Power – Z has shut down power to the doors in the entire facility after shutting all doors on the main level.
Maps of the Secret Facility

Lab Besieged

November 6, 2071 ShadowSEA Commentary

Jimmy jimson
So the run initially went off without a hitch. The team successfully infiltrated Clive onto the security detail and he successfully gassed the whole guard detachment. The rest of the team gained access to the site and Lord Z3R0 successfully spliced the biometric reader on the manager’s computer. Clive kept watch on a strange explosion to the south east and the rest of the team explored the secret elevator in the med clinic’s cooler.
That’s when things got a bit hairy.

Into the lab

After the elevator reached its destination, alarms went off upstairs. Clive went to check the security room and saw a bunch of people on the screens yelling onto their video pickups. Most were suits or uniforms, but he also saw one in a labcoat who was subsequently torn apart by autofire, moments before the screen went blank. Clive feigned inability to hear the suits and then flashed the a note about beating his kids. Memorable.

In the ‘basement’ the team was just getting ready to head back up the lift, when there was an explosion above. Debris rained down on the lift and the team scrambled out. That exit was destroyed. Lot opened a heavy rolling door with his magic, only to be accosted by ghouls. Lot was injured but Gyoza and Builder killed the ghouls while Lot resealed the door.

The team then found a secret hatch into an underground facility. At the end of the access corridor was a dual heavy MG mount that looked like it had been powered down. There were bodies in the corridor that had clearly been shredded by those guns.

Lot assensed each of the two doors leading away from the abattoir. The passage to the right had a ghoul at the end, beyond a partially open door. The team went left. The found a lab with another ghoul eating someone in a labcoat. Gyoza ended the ghoul with a grenade. Lot then assensed the door to the left and found three metahumans holed up inside. The one with a longarm opened the door a little and shouted, “who’s there?”

Up above, a QRT unit fast roped into the space between the door and the yard with the van. Lord Z3RO hightailed it and Clive has been zip tied. The new agent has been loaded into the security computer and the slushy drone is hiding in the damaged elevator as a wireless link to the team below. Azzie qrt

“Are you frackin aztech employees? because if you are then we’re here to eliminate you.

If not then we are your backup. We’ve got some aztech assault troops bearing down on this room and could really use some more firepower in here." Gyoza

“Damn it, Gyoza. What did I tell you? The first survivors we find, and you have to try and scare them? It wasn’t funny in the last job, and it isn’t funny now. “Hi there. We’re here to help. We’ve been tasked with bringing out survivors, but we’d almost gotten to the point where we thought we weren’t going to get paid. Until we found you three, that is. “Problem is, we’re a bit lost. We can provide the firepower to get you out of here in one piece, but we’re going to need one of you to provide direction. What do you say?” Lot

“Alright, now I’m confused. Are you guys azzies or what? You’re certainly not ghouls.” Dodd

> >To Gyoza: “Shit. See what you did?”
> > To the guy: “Of course we’re not Azzies. We’re hired help. We’re also lost as hell. I have a question for you: Do you want to get out of here or not? Seems a pretty simply choice. There may be a dead ghoul in here, but I have no doubt he’s got buddies. I’ve seen some of them, and I’d like to get moving before they figure out there’s more dinner. So how about you lower your piece and we can talk face to face.” Lot

“Alright. I’m opening up.” A few moments later the door rolls completely open. Behind it you see a man in black hi tech fatigues with a tricked out battle rifle and LBV (Load Bearing Vest). He looks a little worse for wear but he’s on his feet. Behind him are two very shaken individuals. They are wearing OD fatigues from the vietnam era. one (female) has a small pistol on a belt and a large bag with a red cross on it. The other (male) has an SMG and several packs which look to be stripped down toolkits. “I’m Dodd. these two are Ratchet and Flowers.” he gestures at the two people behind him. we definitely want to get the hell out. This run is hosed and our own ‘leader’ tried to scrag us. how did you get in? I thought all the exits had been sealed to prevent the QRT’s from getting down here." Dodd

“Hmmm… Ratchet. Flowers. Builder, either of those names on the, uh, list? You know. The List.” Lot

“Yeah. They’re on here. But how are we gonna get out?” Builder

“Good. Good. That’s good for them. Good for us. Alright, Dodd. You’ve heard my companions’ names. Mine is Lot. If we got in, there’s a good chance the QRTs can get in. Any recommendations on a possible exit?” Lot

“Well Kreiger thought up this whole scheme, but its clear he was playing everybody, so he must have his own agenda – and escape plan. When we tumbled to the bull he was spinning, he just wasted Fezzik, then went down the lift with those drones of his. We dove for cover then a few seconds later we were under fire from internal security. A few seconds after that, ghouls were everywhere, eating everybody. I grabbed up these two eco-rangers” he snorts derisively over his shoulder "and then high tailed it out. We holed up here to catch a breather, then heard the grenade in the lab.

“this place is supposed to have three underground floors. of course that information came from Kreiger so I don’t know how reliable it is. I do know that he was worried that the QRT’s would get here before we were done, so he took steps to block the three exits he told us about – the elevator to the factory, the ventilation shaft, and the tunnel to the sub hangar.” he scowls "part of what put us onto his bullshit was how cagey he was about the exit strategy if the QRT’s were all over us. Still it stands to reason that he did block all the exits that the azzies know about, but this place used to belong to the feds, supposedly, so maybe there is another exit the azzies never tumbled to?

“In any event ”/campaigns/basement-shadowrun/characters/kreiger" class=“wiki-content-link”>Kreiger would know about it, and he’s on the lowest floor i think. but whatever we do, we need to get moving. Apparently Aztech’s protocol, if they lose control of this place, is to nerve gas the whole thing 24 hours after loss of control. I don’t want to be here to test that bit of intel." Dodd

Meanwhile, up above the chaos….

“Oh mercy me, worst first day ever,” Clive mutters aloud. “This is one fine pickle for Mr. Jimmy Jimston, yessiree. Oh shoot, not cross at you boys…just doin’ yer job. Hey, hey you. Yeah, the handsome fella,” Clive bobs his head at the closest security specialist, “can you make sure these pizza coupons don’t slip outta my pocket? Hate to lose em’. Shit, we’ll all be friends one day and I might need em’.” Clive considers all the lost opportunities to purchase a dental tooth cyanide delivery system.

“hey Sarge. Get a load of this guy.”
“cut the chatter red 2.”. The sergeant listens intently for a moment. "alright. They want us to infil. They don’t want the intruders to have any more time to fort up. Have to keep the pressure on ‘em.
“get your rappelling gear. We’re going in."

“Hey, far be it for me to tell you guys how to do your job, I mean, you guys do know what you’re doing and I just wanna help…but please don’t make me go down that hole with you, please. I mean, I’m claustrophbic just thinkin about it and (drumroll……..) I really got to get back to beatin’ my kids soon….so, can’t you just get me to your headquarters and out of your hair. Ya see, I’m sure I could maybe remember the face of the guy that punched me and help differentiate him from any others out there, but listen…actually ya know what? Imma just gonna lay real real still for a while and let you fine boys do your job. (Clive whistles a popular Seattle pizza place’s theme song in an attempt to subconsciously make them hungry for pizza)

“I dunno, whadday think sarge?”
“Screw this frag face. the second team can handle him. We gotta get in there or our butts are fried. Now Move-it!”

The QRT troops, all in military style uniforms W/ integral armor and LBE’s and an assortment of weapons up to LMG’s and drum fed grenade launchers begin rappelling into the hole. Moments later you hear:
“Hey what the hell is that? did that junction box move?”
“Holy Shit! Drop Drop Dro . . . KABLOOM!”

The floor throws you up into the air then caresses you harshly as you slam back down onto it (body resist 2 boxes of stun damage). Smoke and dust are floating up from the shaft. your ears are ringing (do you have sound dampeners?) so you’re not sure whether you can hear any screams from down below.

Once you are finally free, you can look down the shaft and you see more pockmarks and cratering. In addition you see broken bodies lying atop the remains of the elevator car. It looks like there is a blood smear inside the car itself going out into the main room. You see no movement, just smoke and dust clogging the air in the shaft, and flickering red lights emanating into the remains of the car from the room below. The rappell gear is still attached. It’s impossible to determine how damaged any of it might be form here. There are clearly weapons on the bodies of some of the men below.

you slide on down the shaft. A few small bits of debris occasionally drop past you, but nothing else moves. You definitely hear moaning and groaning down below now. As you get to the ruined top of the elevator car, you see several assault rifles amongst the bodies, as well as a few sidearms still holstered. no one has noticed your presence as near as you can tell. There are three dead bodies on the top of the car. You hear voices from the room off the shaft.

“come on sarge. Hang in there. QRF 6 this is QRT15. come in over.
“Hang in there sarge.
QRF this is QRT. We have severe casualties. Respond!
“Goddammit! Jenkins stay with me now. You too sarge!
“Base this is QRT OVER!”

the azzie trooper keeps repeating similar things, with mounting frustration.

Gun fight in concrete ruins

Z3R0 walks away . . .
Walking away from explosion
then he looks back over his shoulder and sighs and starts to make his way back to the security building.

Black Marketing

1100 hours, Nov 2, 2071.

So, it is now November. Rent is due again. The team has made a bit of a name for itself dealing with clandestine work. The team has totally healed up and trained up on some new skills and bought some new gear.

In fact Gyoza and Builder nearly got smoked by Lonestar and their ‘law enforcement through mobile gun platforms’ philosophy. But they did get away, even though at least one of the gun dealers didn’t.


Now the team has been hired by a fellow working for Aztechnology for 10k, (5k upfront) and the ability to download 50k of ‘petty cash’ while on site. The job is to swap a blood sample for another one, and it needs to get done before 8am Monday morning. Its not quite noon on Saturday.

time for some planning against a real corporate site.


Builder – 1 for surviving the cops, 1 for learning that motorcycles have little cargo space,

Gyoza – 1 for surviving the cops, 1 for learning that motorcycles have little cargo space,

Lord Z3R0 – 1 for wrecking the gunrunners van, 2 for figuring out the dangers of ubiquitous cameras, 1 for planning to do something about it,

Lot – 1 for ordering pizza and watching Run Shadow Run, 1 for offering the use of the car

Clive – 2 for surrogate use of people skills