Basement Shadowrun

A Quick Run to the Stuffer Shack

October 2, 2071


Everybody knows Rourke, the owner/bartender of the Bad Penny saloon. Builder and ‘dumpling’ have worked together before and everyone is at least an acquaintance through the Bad Penny. I’d like each character to have some link with at least one other character besides the Bad Penny connection. we’ll see about getting working ‘draft’ characters for tonight, then we’ll do a quickie mission and we’ll finalize characters after that.

As a quick intro on the mission:

Your comlink buzzes with an incoming call from Rourke. you see that he has actually linked in a conference call with a bunch of other slags from the Penny, some you know, some you’ve drank with.
“Listen quick boyos. I got a call from a Mr. Johnson who says he need a quick response team from this area ready to go within the hour for a super fast snatch and grab. If you’re interested, say so now. I’ll link you to him for 1000 cred. If not, I’ve got to look for someone else, so I need your answer like five minutes ago.”

So the Team took the job from an unidentified Johnson to quickly track down a girl named Brandeen and her new baby and to protect them from the hit team that the father had sent after them. Apparently Brandeen was trying for hush money from the happily married daddy. and just as apparently he decided to go off the deep end and have the girl and his son geeked.

But the team intervened, intercepting the girl and tot at the Local Stuffer Shack just in time as the hit team was getting ready to detonate a car bomb as soon as Brandeen left the ’Shack.
Stuffer shack

Z3R0 hacked the hit team’s car and rammed it into the bikes of a newly arrived group of gangers. auto fire, grenades and car-bombs ensued and all of the hit team, plus most of the gangers were killed in the brawl.

Aftermath of the stuffershack

At the Meet

Brandeen is looking about like a cornered animal, but she still holds a mystic trust in Clive that he is looking out for her best interest, plus he and his friends took her and the baby away from that god-awful firefight. so she walks along to the men waiting by the car. They seem polite as they usher her inside. there is even a car-seat for the child. It is impossible to see Brandeen or the baby through the tinted glass as the car drives away.

Have you done a good deed? does it really matter? you did get paid.

That’s a total of 6k nuyen into each of your accounts.

Lord Z3R0 wiped the image files and the team, including a really injured Gyoza got the hell out of dodge with the targets in tow. the meet with Johnson’s company men was ultimately uneventful and the team got paid the final balance, totaling 6k apiece.

In addition, everyone gets 1 karma for surviving the run and 1 karma for securing the objective.

each character gets the following situational bonuses:

1 karma for learning about the danger of grenades
1 karma for taking point on the recon of the junkyard
total 4

1 point for learning the value of autofire and cuz the GM screwed up its application
1 point for finding the parked hit team
total 4

1 point for having the right spell at the right time
1 point for good planning
total 4

Lord Z3R0:
1 point for the smart application of ‘sync’ technology (already awarded)
1 point for good planning
1 point by vote of the team
total 5

1 point for good planning
1 point for good smarmy face guy roleplaying
total 4