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The Redmond district of Seattle, UCAS is more commonly known as The Redmond Barrens. Well known for its run-down metahuman ghettos/projects. Much of Redmond is rating E or even Z in security, meaning you carry your own security with you. Only Touristville carries a C rating which should hardly give you any warm and fuzzies. more information on security ratings can be found here.


Life on the Wild Side
Looking for something a little different from your Seattle experience? Head down the 405 and get off the exit at Redmond for a walk on the wild side. While local authorities and UCAS travel advisories warn against going too far off the beaten track in this district of the metroplex, along the 405 bordering Bellevue you can find some of the most exciting nightspots in Seattle, and other cooperative businesses run by local residents, some dating back thirty years. Just be sure to check in with Knight Errant traffic and activity updates on KnightWatch before
you make your plans.

> Of course, the Guide is talking about what most Seattleites refer to as “Touristville,”
the only part of Redmond outsiders generally get to see, the place to go for a
taste of “life on the wild side” without getting too wild or too real. For the actual
scoop on the Redmond Barrens, check out the details added to this document.
> Butch

> That “dating back thirty years” figure? That’s the Guide’s way of mentioning
the displacement of metahumans during the Night of Rage without, you know,
actually mentioning it in such a fashion as to upset or remind anyone. Redmond
has a pretty big population of orks and trolls, and some dwarfs, who provide a
lot of those “quaint local crafts.”
> Sounder

Seattle 2072

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