Secret Lab Setup and AAR

The team was hired by Keith Summers to swap out blood at Aztechnology medical facility co-located with a light industrial park in Tacoma. The blood is at a medical clinic located at a light factory site.

Team Awards

3 karma – The team survived the run
2 karma – The team made the blood switch (thought the lab is now largely destroyed)
4 karma – The team escaped from being trapped in the lab
1 karma – The team sent the cyberzombie out for ice cream

Individual Awards

(largely subsumed by the team stuff due to spotty memory etc.)

Z3R0 12
1 – deciding to help the team when he could have just walked away
also 1 point of edge for this
1 – for gaining control of various security functions in teh facility

Lot 12
1 – for accessing the entire facility
1 – for first encounter with bad background counts

Gyoza 11
1 – shootin’ shit?

Builder 11
1 – shootin’ shit?

Clive 13
1 – for being point man into the facility
1 – for going back in to help the team
1 – for introducing us to Jimmy Jimston
1 notoriety – for Jimmy Jimston the kid beater (he didn’t have a physically disguised face did he?)


-the team has a modified Conestoga Vista bus with some sort of cryo-coolers in the back
-The team also took out a pair of gauss rifles and 4 suits of medium military grade armor (conspicuous stuff) as well as 5 ‘battle buddy basic’ com-links.
-the team is owed 3k each from their Johnson (2k having been paid upfront)

Secret Lab Setup and AAR

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