Spell Components

October 9, 2070

The Johnson is a unpleasantly corpulent talismonger and street mage who calls himself Lorenzano the Magnificent. He needs a crate of occult items liberated from a customs quarantine warehouse before it is sent back out of the country, or auctioned off.

The deadline for this appears to be 7 days from now.

October 12, 2070

The team has accepted the Job from Lorenzano for 5k up front and 5k plus a power focus and a powerful sustaining focus upon completion. Lorenzano wants a crate of Ikuvian Root recovered from the Federal Magical Quarantine Warehouse in Tacoma Washington. He ‘borrowed’ nearly 50k to pay for the shipment, but the broker got pinched for smuggling on another job. Now the shipment is sitting in the quarantine warehouse waiting to be picked up. Obviously the broker can’t do it since he’s in the clink. And Lorenzano is obviously not the broker and doesn’t have the necessary paperwork (or face) to get the shipment released to him.

That’s where you guys come in.

The crate weighs about 1000 lbs and has already passed its inspection. But if it isn’t collected by the 16th at COB, it will either be shipped back or auctioned off. Or, if the arrest paperwork catches up to the crate, it could be confiscated by the feds. Lorenzano needs it ‘liberated’ as soon as possible, and in no event later than COB on the 16th.

Spell Components

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