Clive Painter

"His left side is his good side. And so is his right." - something Clive saw on a beer bottle and now believes refers perfectly to himself.


Metatype: Human Age: 25 Sex: male Nuyen: 4260 Lifestyle: High Total Karma:4 Current Karma: 0 Street Cred: 0 Notoriety: -1 Public Awareness: 0

Physical Attributes
Body: 3
Agility: 2/4
Reaction: 3/7
Strength: 2/4
Mental Attributes
Charisma: 5
Intuition: 4
Logic: 4
Willpower: 5
Special Attributes
Edge: 4
Essence: 1.6
Initiative: 7/11
Magic/Resonance: – / -
Special Attributes
Current Edge: 4
Astral Init: -
Matrix Init: -
Init Passes: 1/3

Positive Qualities: First Impression

Active Skills: Automatics 9 (specialization Assault Rifles); Con 11 ; Etiquette 11 ; Leadership 11 ; Negotiation 11 ; Dodge 12 (specialization Ranged Combat); Infiltration 5; Pilot Ground Craft 8; Pistols 6; Unarmed Combat 5; Perception 5

Knowledge Skills: Rumor Mill 11; Local Corporate Politics 4; First Aid 10 (specialization Combat Wounds); Assault Rifle Gun Care 8; Pistol Gun Care 8

Language Skills: English (native); French 7 (specialization Speak) ; Japanese 8 (specialization Speak) ; Russian 7 (specialization Speak)

Contacts: “El Presidente” – Mr. Johnson 3/1 ; “Luigi” – Mafia Consiglieri 3/3 ; Anton Cormac – Beat Cop 4/2; Weston “Wes” Masayoshi – Fixer 4/3

Identities: Clive Painter (actual), fake license (4) and fake SIN (4); Rufus Steward, French expatriate and systems analyst liaison for Hamamatsu Photonics of America, dabbles in real estate, fake license (3) and fake SIN (3); Jasper Omega, South American soybean and commodities exporter, philanthropist and wine connoisseur, fake license (2), Fake SIN
Jimmy Jimston Aztechnology security guard 1-day on the job . . .no known licenses.







Residences and hideouts: High (hi-rise apartment); shares low lifestyle apartment with Lot; maintaining one disposable low lifestyle apartment as a safe house


A handsome figure in his charcoal Bottega Veneta™ two-buttoned suit, this charming fast talker can simultaneously insult you and borrow your money, and you’ll do it with a smile. Dispassionate and calculating eyes are hidden behind his designer Fendi™ sunglasses. Clive flaunts his ability to get all in life worth having with God-given charismatic bewitchery, a swollen ego, and, failing that, bullets.

Clive Painter

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