Queenie Beth

This middle aged black woman's icy stare is accentuated by her many facial tattoos.


Queenie Beth (Human Magician)
B 4, A 2, R 2, S 2, C 4, I 4, L 5, W 4, I 3, E 5, Ess 6, M 2, Init 6, IP 1
Condition Monitor boxes (Physical/Stun): 10/10
Sony Emperor Commlink Condition Monitor: 10
Armor (Ballistic/Impact): 4/4
Skills: Arcana 4, Assensing 2, Conjuring Group 3, Enchanting 4 (Artificing +2), Intimidation 2, Negotiation 4, Sorcery Group 5
Knowledge Skills: English N, French 4, Local Rumor Mill 3, Magical Goods Value 6, Megacorporate Research 3 (Magical Research +2), Megacorporate Security 4, Shadowrunner Teams 2, Talismongering 5 (Gathering +2)
Qualities: Big Regret, Common Sense, Distinctive Style (1): Facial tattoos, Geas: Talisman: Family necklace, Hung Out to Dry, Magician, Records on File: Mistuhama, SINner
Spells: Analyze Magic, Analyze Truth, Blood Sight, Bugs, Clairvoyance, Influence, Manabolt, Phantasm
Metamagic: (Initiate Grade 3) Divining (12dicepool), Sensing (1500 meters) (9dicepool), Shielding
Benandanti XXV
Identity: Specify Name
Queenie Beth with License: Talismonger, Middle Lifestyle
Sony Emperor Commlink with Browse (4), Firewall (4), Response Upgrade (4), System (4)
Attack of Will (vs. Spirits) [DV 4P vs. I]
Unarmed Strike [Unarmed, DV 1S vs. I]
Ammunition & Resources:
– Independent – - 0/0
Big Regret – 0/0
Common Sense – 0/0
Distinctive Style (1): Facial tattoos – 0/0
Divining (12dicepool) – 0/0
Dropped to Ground – 0/0
Edge Pool – 0/5
Geas: Talisman: Family necklace – 0/0
Hung Out to Dry – 0/0
Magician – 0/0
Records on File: Mistuhama – 0/0
Sensing (1500 meters) (9dicepool) – 0/0
Shielding – 0/0
SINner – 0/0

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The Black Queen is a pawn shop owned by a retired mage and talismonger named Queenie Beth. She is as ruthless as she is effective, just the kind of person to take your hard earned cash in place of product. Her prices are high, but fair, since no one else could discreetly bring in the kind of items she manages to dig up. Regardless, she is crass and arrogant, and her heart is a black as her skin to those she doesn’t give a shit about, which is most everyone. Most folks call her “your majesty.” Lot doesn’t. She likes him so they are on a first name basis. Clive doesn’t either. He calls her “your majesty, the bitch.” Obviously, the pawn shop is just a front. Most of her enchantments can be made available through a referral.

Queenie Beth

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