Bad Penny

The Bad Penny is a bar in Redmond owned by a man named Rourke. The word on the street is that he’s a retired shadow runner. His place attracts that type of crowd, but posers are ushered out quickly. Rourke is famous for keeping the Bad Penny free of trouble. An occasional fist fight occurs, but it is moved outside before any significant escalation occurs. Rourke does not require that people check weapons at the door, but heaven help anyone who draws a weapon in his place without a damn good reason.

Shadowrun bar scene

The Bad Penny is always playing music. Loud, but not unbearable, the volume and speaker placement works like a white noise generator, so people can discuss business with little fear of eavesdropping. The place has a back door that leads to an alley lot which can accommodate maybe a dozen cars. Only regulars are allowed to park in the lot. Rourke charges for long-term storage.


Bad Penny

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