Lone Star

Lone Star Security Services

Excerpt from Seattle 2072

Headquarters: Austin, Texas, CAS
Division Head: Unknown

How the mighty are fallen; Lone Star, once “the Man” in Seattle, is out, and corporate rival Knight Errant are in. Needless to say, this development did not go over well with the Powers That Be in Austin, and rumor has it former division head and Seattle Chief of Police William Loudon is cleaning toilets at some company-run prison in Louisiana. As it happens, taking care of prisons is the main thing Lone Star still does in Seattle. The company retains its contract to run the metroplex-controlled prisons, which is separate from their security and enforcement contract. Lone Star also still has some private security contracts in Seattle, although they are fighting to hold on to them following the gut-punch of their dismissal by Governor Brackhaven.

> Cracks are starting to show in other parts of Lone Star as well. Former ‘Star
paranormal investigations director Frasier Simington has been wooing away
company clients for his mockingly-named Ex-Astra Astral Security Services
consulting firm. Simington took a chunk of Lone Star’s brightest magical talent
with him, along with a big slice of their client list.
> Ethernaut

> The new division head is rumored to be Deke Winslow. He’s either the nephew
or grandson of Ted Winslow—some signs point to him being adopted—but I’ve
never been able to dig up all the right dirt. He came out of nowhere a few years
back, first working in the Austin office and transferring to Seattle only last year.
A few months later, and it sure looks like he’s calling the shots, but no official
announcement has been made.
> Star Loner

Lone Star

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