ShadowSea replaced Shadowland Seattle as the premier shadow datahaven in the area after the Crash 2.0 took down Shadowland. In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll mention that I was one of the initial group that helped to set up ShadowSea, but we parted ways due to some disagreements over the node’s structure and intended purpose. That led me to create JackPoint, but I’ll note that I have great respect for Facet, who still serves as ShadowSea’s rep and sysop and there are no hard feelings.

ShadowSea collects data, focusing on information pertaining to the Seattle area. It is still connected to the Shadowland network, giving it a secure connection to the Nexus data-haven along with secure backups of all of its information.

> Rumor has it some of Shadowland Seattle’s core data survived the Crash due to
an emergency file-dump, but if so, nobody has come forward claiming to have
access to it.
> Glitch

The node also serves as a virtual hangout and social network for shadowrunners in the metroplex. The Sound and the Fury is a virtual bar where you can socialize, while the Olympus provides secure meeting areas with a fantastic virtual view (live feed or simulated). You can even find various online tutorials and expert systems at the Scarecrow, including ShadowSea’s series of “Shadowrunning 101” sims.

> Truth be told, I like ShadowSea better for getting out and socializing, but find
the quality of information provided by JackPoint more focused. ShadowSea is
like visiting a huge library: you have to know how to use the index and where
to start looking to find things, but chances are you’ll see more people. JackPoint
is like coming to an exclusive club and hearing things from people you know.
> Plan 9

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