The Bread Run

The Johnson, Red Garrett, has had a truck hijacked in the Redmond Barrens. The hijack may be enough to cancel his contract with Wholesale Foods. He has the contract at the moment because his brother-in-law is the VP at Wholesale who is in charge of freight contracting. The food runs to the Barrens are subsidized by the feds, so it is a plum assignment, but the company that has it has to ensure that the deliveries arrive on time and with regularity. Johnson has had 8 overage and three waylaid truck in the last two months. That is unacceptable, and any more losses will mean that the brother in law has to pull the contract.

Red’s Trucking:
12 trucks, 6 modified for Barrens bread runs with 1 or 2 MMG cupola mounts, added steel plating on the cab and around the tires and a steel plow off the front end. The cost of the modifications and the trucks themselves has eaten into Red’s profits. Plus injuries and a few death for the workers have raised his insurance rates. Some of that is offset by government subsidy, but the recent rash of attacks has stretched it tight. In addition the distributor is thinking of pulling the contract, because of these troubles.

On Time Freight:
This is a larger outfit with several dozen trucks, 15 of which are modified for the Barrens runs.
This company runs to Puyallup as well.

Here’s how it turned out:

Bread Run Part 1
Bread Run Part 2

The Bread Run

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