WTF is going on in Tacoma

Nov 6, 2071

Holy shit! Are you guys checking the footage over on News Net?! Somebody at a small Aztech factory in Tacoma just shot down an Azzie QRF helicopter! The Azzies are going to be pissed!

Fuck ‘em if they can’t take a joke.

Seriously this is going on right now and I swear I just saw mortars firing on a Knight Errant MobMaster. WTF is going on over there?

You’re right Slamm-O! There is definitely heavy weapons fire on that footage. There are also structural fires and a lot of smoke.

What, did Aufbehn move the war on Aztlan up to Seattle? Tired of all that jungle shit?
—>The Smiling Bandit

I’m hearing that KE is being denied access to the grounds but they’ve lost several drones and some officers have been injured. Most of the heavy weapons are striking outside the Azzie facility. The Knights are getting pretty pissed but the Azzies have deployed a lot of assets to that area. Could this be shaping up to be a brawl between Aztechnology and Knight Errant?
—>Hard Exit.

Aztechnology’s military assets are limited in Seattle.

At least when compared to what Ares has on hand right Nightfire?
—>Hard Exit

What’s going on that has the Azzies so pissed? That factory makes dishwashers.

KE’s gotta be pissed that this is happening now. They just got awarded the law enforcement contract and now they have a pissing match with one of the Big Ten over extraterritoriality while somebody who’s currently hitting the azzie facility is indiscriminately firing ordinace out into Tacoma proper . . . KE will take a bath if they don’t ‘Do Something’ but if they do they invade the territoriality of Aztechnology – putting KE and Ares at loggerheads with the Azzies. Not a good first day on the job.
—>Star Loner

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WTF is going on in Tacoma

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