Purpose: The goal of Benandanti XXV is to explore and fathom the mystical enigmas of the Sixth World and its Awakened inhabitants to better understand the underpinnings of magic.

Members: 25

Strictures: Deed (perform missions at the patron’s request), Fraternity, Obedience, Material Link, Secrecy

Resources/Dues: Luxury, no dues (fully sponsored). The group’s base of operations, the converted Clementium monastery in Prague, possesses lodging, various ritual buildings, enchanting shops and magical lodges for most widespread magical traditions (Rating 9).

Patrons: The great dragon Schwartzkopf

Description and Customs: It is rumored that the great dragon Schwartzkopf, professor of thaumaturgy at the prestigious Charles University in Prague, has been actively recruiting its brightest talents for years-though his purpose for this is the subject of intense speculation. A few select individuals may be invited to join the Benanadanti XXV, sometimes known as the Travelers.

Inspired by a Dark Ages pagan cult known as the “Good Walkers,” the modern Benandanti are a secret and multi-tradition group, fully sponsored by and loyal to Schwartzkopf and dedicated to exploring the great mysteries of of the Awakening, searching for new paths to enlightenment and magical power.

Besides continuing magical instruction and initiatory support, members have access to one of the largest archives of modern arcane information (Schwartzkopf’s collections) and extensive magical resources. In return, some members operate as the dragon’s eyes and ears in the Awakened community, while others chase down, investigate and catalogue magical phenomena, strange magic, critters and spirits on the great dragon’s behalf. Schwartzkopf ocassionally sets the group to specific tasks, but by and largemembers are encouraged to be proactive and follow their own nose-as long as all discoveries and records find their way to Schwartzkopf’s great library.

While the group is based in Prague, members spend most of their time in the field working in teams of two or three individuals. The group’s apparently insatiable appetite for magical knowledge often draws members to sites of unexplained magic events, strange spirit manifestations, and other types of magical weirdness.

From Street Magic, pg 70

Known Members:
Arducci Gandalfo


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