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I also want to establish a set of Standard Operating Procedures for ZER0. This is stuff he does whenever he’s not doing something else. So in his free time, he has programs running doing all these little tasks.

—>very good idea. everyone should do this. just so you know, these are the types of things i consider most susceptible to murphy’s law (and the mechanics i created for that) but they’re still a very good idea. have 2 karma for being the first to implement this.

I was definitely thinking about the Murphy’s Law rule. I didn’t want to have to say, “Well, I’d ASSUME I created backups…”

- Back up the encrypted files to an offsite node that I’ve hacked (actually some old lady’s TV). Thus there are always two encrypted backup copies in different places.
—> good idea. no real test required. done. it took an hour. possible murphey’s law-she buys a new trideo set.

I’d basically check daily to make sure the node is still up. If it disappears, easy enough to find another soft target. Someone’s fridge, a kid’s toy, etc.

  • You have the back ups you desire, the old lady’s trid and the faraday cage thumb drive.

—>Google Bomb: If you think one of your current programs can do this, pitch it to me, otehrwise you’ll have to do it yourself, or write or buy a program to do the work. good idea. you could get an agent program to do this, low-grade agents are cheap. Long and short of it is, that this will likely not be done until after the next run.

I have to look at my programs. This does seem like a great thing to get a simple agent for. I’ll look into that.

  • Assuming you started the process and had your level 3 agent get right on it, this seems to be up an running . . . we’ll do the mechanics later

- Maintain hacked user accounts in a variety of locations through Seattle so I can access security camera feeds. This way if we need to trail or find someone, there’s at least a chance I already have an account somewhere and can just scan the video feeds without hacking. I use Stealth to keep the hacked accounts hidden, and I only go for low security areas to reduce the risk of someone sending some IC after me. In other words, traffic cameras, not banks. Weather cameras, not corp sec.
—>should be generally easy, though a little time consuming. they do update registries on systems periodically, but as low security systems its no too often. another murphey’s law application.

I see it as, ZER0 goes to sleep, his comm starts running this script. It’s very simple, scan and hack, scan and hack. Then analyze every now and then to check if any of the accounts have been spotted and disabled. When I check it in the morning, I’ll see if I’ve lost too many accounts and run it for a few hours so I keep up a certain density of camera access accounts. It can run in the background while ZER0 is gaming, eating, etc.

  • You have a series of hacked traffic cams etc. whenever you want to scan for someone, you make an edge plus logic test to see if the cameras you currently have see anything you need.

—>Rotating SINs: Very cool. probably have to write a program for it. definitely a work in progress.

Good excuse for me to learn program creation rules.

Z3R0's SOP

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